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EAP Committee Continues to Fight Stigma & Provide Support

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. The Employee Assistance Program Committee (EAP), which interfaces with the FAA on all issues related to the EAP/WorkLife program under Article 57, joins the national movement to raise awareness about mental health. The EAP Committee commits to fight stigma, provide support, and educate our members on resources available to those struggling with mental illness.

Mental illness can be caused be many underlying issues related to family or work life stress. Magellan has a network of professionals that can assist with elder care, estate planning, financial stress, relocation, personal health, childcare, and much more. Magellan offers free, confidential services to all our members and household family members.

For more information on counseling services provided in explore magellanascend.com.

  1. Select “Find my Company”
  2. FAA
  3. Select “Find Care”
  4. Select “Chose Provider List”
  5. Employee Assistance Program
  6. Begin your search

For more information on additional services available, contact EAP 1-800-234-1327.

Not sure if Magellan Ascend is right for you? Contact the NATCA EAP Committee at [email protected]. This is a NATCA-only contact available for NATCA members.

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