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NNE & NEA Reps Leave Joint Regional Meeting “Energized, Knowledgeable, and Well-Prepared to Serve”

The New England (NNE) and Eastern (NEA) regions held a two-day joint regional meeting in Boston, May 5-6, with NNE Regional Vice President (RVP) Mick Devine and NEA RVP Brian Shallenberger.

President Rich Santa spoke in depth to NATCA leaders for several hours about NCEPT, the NATCA Majority, the infrastructure bill, traffic management and information sharing, the pandemic and its effects, and much more. Santa also held a Q&A session where he spoke to issues directly affecting members and received feedback from the regional leaders, allowing an opportunity for regional reps to bring information and tools back to their facilities.

“It’s always a great opportunity for all of our leaders in both regions to share meetings with other regions,” said Devine. “It builds solidarity across regional lines. Regardless of the region, how big or small it is, or where it’s located, we all have similar issues and successes and can provide unique insight and solutions that others might not have thought of.”

“All who participated in our joint meeting with our brothers and sisters from both regions were excited to come together and share in discussions after our time apart due to COVID restrictions,” Shallenberger said. “We received great feedback, not only from the participants who attended, but also from our leadership teams who worked hard crafting the agenda and presenting the material. We all left the meeting energized, knowledgeable, and well-prepared to serve our Union as we work to build the bench of leaders for the future.”

Attending representatives received briefings on multiple topics. (NATCA members please visit this link to find out more in information on each topic discussed at the NEA & NNE Regional Meeting.):  (https://www.natca.org/2022/05/25/nea-nne-regional-meeting-may-2022/)

  • Article 99 Hardships from regional Hardship Reps Bryan “Kramp” Krampovitis (NNE Alternate RVP, Bradley International ATCT, BDL) and Chris Perks (NEA ARVP, Philadelphia ATCT, PHL);
  • Activities of the Historical Committee (NHC) from Kristena “Jonesie” Jones (Washington Center, ZDC) and Aaron Wilt (ZDC);
  • The IT Committee from Jones;
  • National Centralized ERR Process Team (NCEPT) from Regional NCEPT Reps Amy Lark (Potomac TRACON, PCT) and Jake Detwiler (Boston Center, ZBW);
  • NATCA National Legislative Committee (NLC) from NLC Member Jones and NLC Alternate Andre Jean (Boston TRACON, A90);
  • Labor Relations Training (LR) from Regional LR Reps John Thompson (ZDC) and Kyle Szary (ZBW);
  • Safety Training from ATSAP Event Review Committee (ERC) Eastern Service Reps Brandon Miller (PCT) & Anthony Hughes (ZDC), Mike Christine (ZDC Facrep), and Eastern Service Area Safety Rep Sandii Follmer (ZDC), Seth Myers (ZBW);
  • Drug and Alcohol Committee (DAC) from DAC Member Jim Basford (A90);
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) from Amy Lark (PCT) and Curt Fischer (A90);
  • National Constitution Committee (NCC) from NCC members Perks and Elisa Muise (ZBW);
  • and Election Support Committee (ESC) from ESC members Caitlyn Valeri (ZBW) and Perks.

To conclude the meeting, Jones moderated a joint ARVP panel featuring Perks, Kevin Maney (New York TRACON, N90), Krampovitis, and Scott Robillard (A90). The members of the panel discussed the many aspects of an ARVP’s responsibilities and duties, to provide an understanding of collaboration working at all the levels of the Union.

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