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Varied Group of NATCA Reps at RT-1 Course

The NATCA Academy recently hosted Representative Training 1 (RT-1) in Las Vegas with 39 members in attendance. Nick Daniels (Southwest Regional Vice President, Fort Worth Center, ZFW), and NATCA Academy Instructors Jamaal Haltom (National Training Rep, Las Vegas ATCT, LAS), Martin Ramirez (Los Angeles Center, ZLA), Neil Caputo (Memphis Center, ZME), and Jason Arnold (ZME) led the 4 1/2-day course. Members who attend the course learn how to apply collaborative and traditional labor principles to real-life situations and about NATCA’s expectations of local leaders. 

“It was a very good class, as most of them are, but what stood out from this class was their overall participation and activism,” Arnold said. ” They were a class of younger reps, which was invigorating and reassuring to know that the future of NATCA is in solid hands! It was also a varied class, since nearly all of the NATCA regions were represented, including Flight Service Stations and Region X members.”

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