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LEAP Training Draws 15 Members Motivated to Excel in Leadership

NATCA last month held the latest installment of its 13-year-old national leadership course, called LEAP (Leadership Experience Acceleration Project), in Glen Rose, Texas. Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President Alex Navarro III and Critical Incident Stress Management Committee Chair Sarah Grampp (Kansas City Center, ZKC) led the training, which drew 15 members from six different regions. President Rich Santa also spoke to the class. LEAP features leadership principles designed to have a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of an organization.

“It’s an amazing group of leaders,” Navarro said. “I’m so grateful to be able to help in LEAP after all these years. Every time, the bar is raised and I’m reminded that we have so much greatness at work for our Union.”

Participants in May were:

Justin Andrae (MLU)

Brittney Armbrust (COS)

Steven Brown (PWM)

Gary Beal (DEN)

Christopher Corapi (CVG)

Ligaya Corbitt (ZSE)

Jason Felser (ZNY)

Matthew Fisher (PCT)

Brett Hansen (ZKC)

Jason Kotzbauer (CRW)

Zachary Kuiken (MOB)

Nicholas Marangos (A90)

Nicholas Pachuca (ZHU)

Joshua Thompson (ABQ)

Trevor Thompson (ZJX)

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