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Louisville Members Work Record Traffic Volume for Kentucky Derby

Last month’s Kentucky Derby in Louisville drew a record amount of air traffic volume. “According to our traffic count data, it was the busiest Kentucky Derby period (Wednesday-Sunday) in the past 15 years,” said Louisville-Standiford ATCT (SDF) FacRep Craig Oldis. “In total, SDF did over 9,500 operations, which is more than double what the facility would normally do during the same period on a normal week.” Louisville Bowman Field ATCT (LOU) worked 1,500 operations. Satellite airports were very busy, including Clark County Regional Airport (JVY) that is untowered on the Sunday after the Saturday Derby.

Additionally, two weeks prior to the race, the Kentucky Derby Festival includes an air show called “Thunder Over Louisville.” It takes place roughly five miles north of SDF over the Ohio River. “This makes it a complex operation because we still remain open and running,” Oldis said. “This year’s air show was larger than normal because it is the 75th anniversary of the Air Force.”

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