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2020 Archie League Awards Recap: Alaskan Region

Alaskan Regional Vice President Clint Lancaster presented Anchorage Center (ZAN) member Matthew Freidel and Anchorage TRACON (A11) member John Newcomb with the 2020 Archie League Medal of Safety Award for the Alaskan Region, on Friday, June 17 in New Orleans. ZAN member Chris Weldy said the members did a great job quickly diagnosing a pilot in distress, with initially barely readable transmissions. That set the story on a course to have a safe ending.

“This was a great example of teamwork in every respect,” Lancaster said. “Matthew and John displayed teamwork, professionalism, and quick action.”

Read the story, listen to the transmission and podcast about the save, and watch the award presentation here: https://www.natca.org/community/awards/2020-archie-league-medal-of-safety-award-winners/#NAL

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