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2022 National Representatives Election Results

On July 1, 2022, NATCA’s Office of the General Counsel concluded a secret ballot election for NATCA’s National Representatives in several Region X bargaining units and the Flight Service bargaining unit. NATCA Standing Rule H-1 provides for the election of these National Representatives every even-numbered calendar year. 

After a contested election in two units, the following are the final results of the July 2022 ballot count: 

National Flight Service Representative: Bobby Scurlock 

National Drug Abatement Representative: Stacie Wooten 

The following four National Representatives previously won their election by acclamation in May 2022: 

National Aircraft Certification Representative: Patrick Massie 

National Airports Representative: Felicia Reeves 

National En Route Automation Representative: Ralph Pagington 

National Terminal Automation Representative: Allen Casey 

The term of office for these National Representatives will run from September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2024. 

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