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Senator Kustoff

Congressman Kustoff to ZME Member: “We appreciate the men and women at air traffic control facilities” 

NATCA Tennessee State Legislative Coordinator Ike Munn (Memphis Center, ZME) recently attended an event in Memphis with Congressman David Kustoff, R-Tenn., where they discussed the Congressman’s previous visits to NATCA-represented facilities in Tennessee, and Munn thanked the Congressman for his support for H.R.1283, the CONTRACT Act of 2021.  

“Congressman Kustoff saw me as I came in the room and called me by name and motioned me over,” Munn said. “He told attendees about his tour of the Memphis ATCT (MEM) and Memphis TRACON (M03) in the fall of 2019 and how impressed he and his family had been.  

Munn also spoke with Will Courtney, the congressman’s transportation legislative assistant, and Kustoff’s Chief of Staff Justin Melvin.  

“As I went to leave the event, Congressman Kustoff stopped me and asked that I ‘please tell the men and women at the air traffic control facilities how much [my wife] Roberta and I appreciate them.’”  

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