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Collaboration Training Class

NATCA & FAA Region X Leaders Gather for Collaboration Training

NATCA and FAA Region X Senior Leaders gathered for an overview of Collaboration Skills Training (CST) June 22-23 at the NATCA National Office in Washington. The commitment communicated by the leaders during the training demonstrated the group’s continued focus on collaboration as the norm for how the FAA and NATCA conduct business. The course modules focused on jointly learning and practicing the foundational concepts of Interest Based Communication (IBC) and the Collaborative Work Group (CWG) structure and process.  

“By focusing on identifying and understanding the interests of each party, rather than focusing on positions, more creative solutions can be found to advance our professions and joint mission to support the NAS,” Region X Vice President Brad Davidson said.  

Throughout the training, the leadership teams committed to focusing on improved communications and closing the loop with the multitude of Collaborative Work Groups in-process and planned for initiation in the near future. 

PHOTO: (left to right) Region X Vice President (RVP) Brad Davidson, FAA Collaboration Facilitator Walter Wilson, FAA (Acting) Director of Operations Support (AJW-1) Gina Kugel, FAA (Acting) Director of Western Service Area (AJW-W) James Linney, FAA Vice President of Technical Operations (AJW-0) Jeff Planty, FAA Director of ATC Facilities & Engineering Services (AJW-2) Randall Burke, NATCA Southern Region Principal Rep Anthony Barksdale, NATCA Second Level Engineering Principal Rep Don Smith, NATCA Region X Alternate RVP Ed Szczuka, Second Level Engineering FacRep at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City Denise Nappi, NATCA Western Pacific Principal Rep Jefferson McDonald, FAA (Acting) Director NAS Security and Enterprise Operations (AJW-B) Brian Peters, NATCA Collaboration Facilitator Corey Glaze, FAA (Acting) Deputy Director Central Service Area (AJW-C) Chris Hugunin, NATCA Region X Alternate RVP Bob Aitken, FAA Deputy Director ATC Facilities & Engineering Services (AJW-2) Austin Aurandt.

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