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Aero Club Event Featuring DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg

NATCA Leaders Attend Aero Club Event Featuring DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg

Last month, NATCA President Rich Santa, Executive Vice President Andrew LeBovidge, NATCA Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, Eastern Regional (NEA) Vice President Brian Shallenberger, Region X (NRX) Vice President Brad Davidson, former NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, and NATCA government affairs staff members Sean Maxwell and Annika Olson attended the Aero Club luncheon in Washington, D.C., where Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was the keynote speaker.  

During his talk, Buttigieg focused on the busy summer travel season for commercial aviation, expressed excitement for the future of flight, and highlighted efforts to continue to inspire the next generation of aerospace professionals. Buttigieg also joined the Aero Club in presenting five Aero Club scholarships for students to continue their fascination with flight.  

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