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“Stronger Together”: NATCA Disaster Relief Fund Fundraising Drive

NATCA established its disaster relief fund in 1992 in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in Florida. Thanks to the generosity of NATCA’s members, the fund has continued to grow, and many NATCA members have received much needed aid and assistance from the NATCA Disaster Response Committee (DRC). This month, and in anticipation of summer storms and other annual times of disaster, NATCA members are banding together to support the DRC and its efforts on behalf of our NATCA family throughout the country.

“Growing up in South Louisiana unfortunately makes you accustomed to dealing with disasters. You never truly understand the stress and emotions one goes through after having their home severely damaged unless it happens to you,” Houston Intercontinental ATCT (IAH) member Corey Soignet said. “While I can never prevent the damage, I can help alleviate some of the associated stress by providing meals, water, cleaning supplies, and even my labor. We are one Union, one family, and we are always stronger together.”

Learn more and sign up to donate at https://www.natca.org/committees/drc/

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