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Announcing the Communications Committee

NATCA is pleased to announce the formation of the Communications Committee. The mission of the Communications (Comms) Committee is to develop, collect, organize, and maintain content for use by the Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) in distributing information and respective regional communication teams. The Comms Committee features members from each of the regions, along with members of NATCA’s national office staff. Together the group works to facilitate information sharing between the National Office and the regions, and among the regional communications teams.

The Committee is led by chair Shannon Lyman (New England, Boston Center, ZBW) and vice-chair Mary Hall (Southwest, Houston Hobby ATCT, HOU) along with other committee members: Eric Mauro (Alaskan, Merrill Field ATCT, MRI),  Bryan Martini (Central, Sioux City ATCT, SUS), Jaymi Steinberg (Eastern, Washington Center, ZDC), Jen Malloy (Great Lakes, Cleveland Center, ZOB), Lydia Baune (Northwest Mountain, Spokane ATCT, GEG), Lisen Minetti (Region X, NRX), Amy Sayers (Southern, Fort Lauderdale ATCT, FLL), Robert Reddeg (Western Pacific, Southern California TRACON, SCT), Senior Social Media Representative Meagan Roper, and NATCA Director of Public Affairs Thom Metzger. Central Regional Vice President (RVP) Aaron Merrick serves as the RVP liaison for the group.

As the group develops, its goal is to strengthen the offerings that can be provided for dissemination of information to NATCA’s members, including potentially new methods of communication.

“The Comms Committee looks forward to helping foster learning and understanding,” Lyman said. If you have a story or photos to share for NATCA communications, or questions about the Comms Committee’s work, reach out to the committee members.

To learn more please visit: https://www.natca.org/committees/comms/

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