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Congresswoman Shontel M. Brown Tours Columbus (Ohio) ATCT

NATCA Southern Ohio Legislative Coordinator Ben Hudak (Columbus, Ohio, ATCT, CMH) led a visit to CMH for Congresswoman Shontel M. Brown (OH-11) on July 11. Congresswoman Brown was invited to tour CMH by Northern Ohio Legislative Coordinator Ron Shonk (Cleveland Center, ZOB) while Shonk was attending an event with Congresswoman Joyce Beatty.

“This was Congresswoman Brown’s first visit to an air traffic facility that provides radar services,” Hudak siad. “She had many questions about how we do our job and what our schedules were like. She toured the TRACON and seemed generally impressed by the totality of the operation.”

Hudak also took Congresswoman Brown to the tower to complete the tour. “I thanked Congresswoman Brown for supporting the appropriations bill that passed earlier in the year,” Hudak said. “I explained the issues we face with stop-and-go funding. Overall it was an excellent visit. She was very animated and interested to learn about our profession.”

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