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Santa Speaks at Aero Club of Washington

NATCA President Rich Santa spoke to attendees of the Aero Club of Washington’s monthly luncheon on July 26. Santa addressed the Aero Club of Washington about ongoing challenges facing the National Airspace System (NAS), including air traffic controller staffing.

The Aero Club of Washington fosters and promotes interest in the principles and development of aeronautics and is dedicated to providing a forum for discussion of aviation and aerospace issues, as well as honoring the achievements of industry thinkers and leaders.

“As NATCA looks forward, we will be calling on Congress to address staffing and reporting issues,” Santa said. “As always, we will continue to be involved on issues that affect new technology and infrastructure. And we will be focused on new entrants into the NAS, including Advanced Air Mobility and UAS, and how they affect air traffic operations and our members. We look forward to working with many of you on our shared interests as this process advances.”

Read Santa’s full remarks here. | View Santa’s speech here.

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