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Seattle Solidarity Meeting

Seattle Area Solidarity Event & NEB Meeting

On July 13, Seattle area NATCA members attended a solidarity event with members of NATCA’s Executive Board (NEB), involving a boat tour of Lake Washington, a large freshwater lake adjacent to Seattle. There were 115 NATCA family members in attendance, including members from Seattle Center (ZSE), Seattle Tacoma ATCT (SEA), Seattle TRACON (S46), Boeing Field ATCT (BFI), Everett Paine Field ATCT (PAE), Region X, Northwest Mountain (NNM) Regional Legislative Representative Jenny Benjamin, and members’ families.

About the event, NATCA President Rich Santa said, “We thank our Seattle-area brothers and sisters who planned this event and the many NATCA members who participated. We appreciated the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the attendees. The strength of our Union’s solidarity is unmatched.”

“[It was] a perfect day for a great crowd. It was an honor for the NEB to have the opportunity to be among our NATCA Family,” NNM Regional Vice President Alex Navarro III said. “The best way to learn about each other will always be in person. All the gratitude to the local Seattle area leaders that put this together and turned out in such great numbers to spend time with each other.”

ZSE FacRep Amy Sizemore agreed. He stated, “We could not have had a more perfect outing,”. “The weather was beautiful, the water was calm, and people were bonding. It was amazing.”

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