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Representative Training 1 (RT-1) Course Held in Las Vegas

The NATCA Academy recently hosted the Representative Training 1 (RT-1) course in Las Vegas with over 40 members in attendance. President Rich Santa and Executive Vice President Andrew LeBovidge spoke to the training class. NATCA Academy Instructors Jamaal Haltom (National Training Rep, Las Vegas ATCT, LAS), Martin Ramirez (Los Angeles Center, ZLA), Aaron Katz (Phoenix TRACON, P50), and Alternate Southwest Regional Vice President (RVP) John Bratcher (Fort Smith ATCT, FSM) led the 4 1/2-day course, which focuses on developing and enhancing effective methods of advocacy grounded in understanding and upholding our rights under the law and the collective bargaining agreements.

To attend future classes hosted by the NATCA Academy, please visit the NATCA Academy page here. https://www.natca.org/academy/

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