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Congressman Doggett Visits AUS

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas-35), along with his District Director Jocelyn Tau recently visited NATCA members at Austin-Bergstrom (AUS) for the first time. AUS member Blake Futrell organized and executed the facility tour, with Southwest Region Legislative Representative Corey Soignet (IAH) also helping facilitate the visit.

Futrell took the congressman’s group to the TRACON where they showed them the airspace and answered questions they had about how radar operations work. Rep. Doggett asked questions about AUS’s current procedures and what changes we were working on with the growth of the Austin area.

Futrell also took the visitors to the tower where they explained the airport expansion plan, including how the plan will provide a much needed 3rd runway and a second main terminal. Rep. Doggett asked questions about what things we needed that he could be of assistance with, and Futrell explained some of NATCA’s current priorities such as increased staffing.

Rep. Doggett and Tau were interested in hearing more about how the growth of the area is affecting us. The congressman and his District Director want to have another meeting to look over data and allow AUS facility members to explain to them in more detail the current state of affairs.

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