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Have a wonderful Labor Day!

Every September, we celebrate Labor Day and honor the contributions of America’s working people to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. As NATCA members, you should be rightfully proud of your great work and your contributions as air traffic controllers and aviation safety professionals. Today, we honor and celebrate you as essential workers within the transportation sector.

In 2022, commercial aviation rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, with many travelers returning to the skies after a two-year hiatus. Throughout the summer, news reports have extensively covered challenges related to the increase traffic as a result of aviation-sector staffing, including controller staffing challenges, airspace accessibility, and unpredictable weather events. During this time the unwavering professionalism of America’s air traffic controllers in maintaining the safety of our National Airspace System has been remarkable. We thank you – especially those who will be on duty during this holiday weekend – for your vital work.

Unions have fought hard to protect and expand labor rights over the years, but the challenges facing all working people remain substantial. NATCA continues to advocate for better staffing and more predictable funding from the federal government to support our Union members in their duties. We also stand in solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters across the movement, and in support of workers currently fighting to organize.

The strength of NATCA lies in each individual member and every Local, working together for the common good. If you would like to get more active in our Union, please reach out to your local or regional leadership. There are so many ways you can join your NATCA brothers and sisters in improving our Union, strengthening our solidarity, advancing our priorities, and supporting our NATCA family. Let’s continue building our Union to protect and promote our vital aviation safety professions.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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