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Professional Standards Training Class in Minneapolis

NATCA’s Professional Standards (PS) Committee recently completed a training workshop for the newest committee members. The training took place in Minneapolis at M98/MSP from Aug. 9 to 11. Instructors for the workshop included Lydia Baune (GEG), Patrick Carter (D10), and Chris Keyes (ZDC).

Attendees included: Justyn Guilford (EUG), Michael Andrews (MIC), Jacob Berger (MSN), Jerah Kavoosi (MSP), Jason Phelps (ZMP), Frank Ruiz (MLI), Jill DiMartino (ZAU), Adam Lilly (ZOB), John Perez (I90), Sal Falzone (I90), Melissa Russo (ZNY), Marvin Anamanya (PCT), Jael La Touche (PCT), Brad Starkey (ZDC), Heather Jones (ZDC), John Langenberger (ACY). Rick McIntyre (ZBW), and Chase Schneider (MOB).

In addition, Leanne Murphy, the Labor Relations Manager for NAV Canada, and Chris Kenny, an RVP for CATCA (Canada’s ATC labor union), were in attendance. 

The PS program provides an opportunity for bargaining unit employees to address the performance and conduct of their peers before such issues rise to a level requiring corrective action by the Agency. The program uses peer-to-peer mediation, conflict resolution, and mentoring to achieve these goals. Many attendees expressed excitement about taking their newfound knowledge back to their facilities. Attendee Marvin Anamanya (PCT) said, “I look forward to using my new skills to help my coworkers handle things… and to protect the professionalism that is the currency of our Union.” We look forward to seeing how the August class uses their new skills!

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