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Congratulations to our newest FacReps!

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities:

Eastern Region:

Matthew Gray (Poughkeepsie/Dutchess County ATCT, POU)   

Great Lakes Region:

Lauren Sutterer (Mansfield ATCT, MFD)

Northwest Mountain Region:

Tristan Hoidal (Seattle Boeing ATCT, BFI)

Southern Region:

Jonathon Bradshaw (Jackson Federal Contract Tower, FCT, MKL)

David Spitnale (Whitted Tower, St. Petersburg, Fla., SPG)

Rowland Gove (Punta Gorda FCT, PGD)

Daniel McIlhenny (Cherry Pt. Marine Corps Air Station, NKT)

Zachary Potter (Opa Locka FCT, OPF)

Michael Mcelwain (Peachtree Dekalb/Atlanta ATCT, PDK)

Southwest Region:

Aaron Grantham (Webb Field ATCT, TXK)

Ronald Wolf (Northwest Arkansas ATCT, XNA)

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