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Dozens of classes available at NATCA’s first Activism and Training Expo (ATX)

NATCA’s first Activism and Training Expo (ATX) will take place from Dec. 12-16, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, and registration is open through Nov. 1. Planned to be a biennial event, ATX will enable NATCA members to sharpen existing or learn new skills, get informed about ways to get involved within our Union, and, importantly, see what within the organization and profession might interest you. The five-day event will showcase NATCA’s training courses along with briefings and education from many of our Union’s committees, academy classes, Article 114 Representatives, and NATCA staff.

The NEB-issued ATX Travel Policy applies. Click here to read the travel policy: https://www.natca.org/events/atx/#reimbursement

Click here to register now: https://www.natca.org/atx/

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