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Disaster Response Committee Assists Hurricane Ian Victims

Hurricane Ian moved through Florida and the Carolinas leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The NATCA Disaster Response Committee (DRC) and its volunteers are assisting NATCA families throughout the disaster zones. 

From Naples to Daytona Beach, many NATCA families in Florida experienced up to 140 mph wind and rain, with record-breaking storm surges. Many members in these areas are still without power, without access to fresh water, and enduring damage to their homes.  

“The NATCA Disaster Response Committee is actively responding to Hurricane Ian’s wake in Florida,” DRC Chair Tom Flanary said. “NATCA DRC volunteers drove gas, generators, dehumidifiers, fans, water, supplies, and emergency communications supplies to members in Southwest Florida and Daytona Beach. The DRC sent multiple volunteer teams from South, Central, and North Florida. These volunteers helped members and their families when they needed it most, by helping with water remediation and cleaning out properties. We are continuing to provide support to families throughout the region. Thank you to everyone who is helping to support our efforts.”  

You can assist the DRC by donating to provide support to NATCA members in their time of need. Please consider making a donation to the DRC or signing up for a payroll deduction. 


Also, Chicago-area NATCA members began a joint-effort T-shirt fundraiser to help NATCA brothers and sisters affected by hurricanes this year. You can help here.

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