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NATCA Drug and Alcohol Training Held in Las Vegas

National NATCA Drug and Alcohol Training took place at Bally’s Las Vegas, Nov. 6-7, with instructors Martin Ramirez, (Los Angeles Center, ZLA) Vice Chair of the NATCA National Drug and Alcohol Committee (DAC), and Northwest Mountain Regional DAC Representative Jamie Sanders (Denver Centennial ATCT, APA). The Drug and Alcohol course is a comprehensive introduction in preparing NATCA representatives to respond to any and all issues concerning drug and alcohol matters.

During the class, instructors discussed the basic rules, regulations, and equipment representatives may encounter while providing representation. They also discussed what follows a drug or alcohol related incident. The two-day course prepares NATCA representatives for situations from the most basic to the most unusual in order to serve the membership confidently and competently.

“The attendees came well prepared, were actively engaged, and many great discussions were had,” Sanders said. “Truly a great group of NATCA Reps!”

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