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CISM Receives Annual Training from ICISF

The Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team receives annual training on acute stress mitigation through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF). The training is provided by an approved ICISF instructor. This year NATCA’s CISM team attended training with instructor and retired NATCA member Tom Morin, who played a major role in establishing the CISM program with the FAA in the mid-1990s.  

“This year, we brought on three new members, which brings our team to a full 15. We haven’t had a full team in a few years. This will really help us provide the best service to the members. A big thanks to New Orleans ATCT (MSY) for hosting us this year,” said CISM Team Lead Sarah Grampp.  

Learn more about CISM here

PHOTO: left to right: Sarah Grampp (Kansas City Center, CISM Team Lead), Hysum Willis (Bradley ATCT, BDL), Brandon Benedict (Anchorage Center, ZAN), Sam Navarro (Seattle ATCT, SEA), Jennie Dickinson (Boston ATCT, BOS), Tiffany McAllister (Fort Smith ATCT, FSM), Tom Morin (ICISF Instructor), Holly Cron (Houston Center, ZHU), Mike Tamez (Southern California TRACON, SCT), Krystal Causey (Miami Center, ZMA), Sarah Lewis (Oklahoma City ATCT, OKC), Andrea Moore (Charlotte ATCT, CLT), Mike Napolitano (Minneapolis Center ZMP), Matt Ellington (Chicago O-Hare ATCT, ORD), and Mike Taylor (Columbus ATCT, CMH) 

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