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National Finance Committee Presents Award for Dedication & Service

Last month, National Finance Committee (NFC) Eastern Region (NEA) member Chris Mitrotasios (Newark ATCT, EWR) met with Brian Gardner (Allegheny ATCT, AGC) for a facility audit. During the visit, on behalf of the NFC, Mitrotasios presented Gardner, who was previously chair of the NFC, with an award for his dedication and service to the committee, which is responsible for the oversight of finances for NATCA, both nationally and locally.   

“As chair of the NFC, Brian led the committee through the pandemic, completely revamping the audit process and ensuring NATCA’s locals were filing their forms on time with the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service,” Mitrotasios said. “We thank Brian for his 9 years of expertise, leadership, and brotherhood.” 

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