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New Year, New Benefit Brought to You by Your Benefits Committee

NATCA Benefits introduces exclusive discounts for the SNOO sleeper by Happiest Baby. One of the hardest parts of being a parent to a newborn is the drastic lifestyle change and corresponding lack of sleep. NATCA Benefits not only wants to help our members with savings but would love to help all our members stay fresh and well-rested. The SNOO sleeper provides on average 1-2 more hours of sleep for baby and parents, adds safety for worry-free sleep, calms fussing within 1-2 minutes, and includes a mobile app to monitor. The SNOO sleeper naturally sleep-trains your newborn while also providing your own personal helper to transition your baby to a crib at 6 months. NATCA Benefits has arranged a discounted rate, only for members and their extended families. Instead of buying directly from the SNOO website, visit https://www.natca.org/benefits/ and find instructions under the Education/Kids tab for your NATCA discount. 

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