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Congratulations to Our Newest NATCA FacReps!

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities.

Christopher Page (Cedar Rapids ATCT, CID)

Matthew Higgins (Syracuse ATCT, SYR)

Great Lakes
Jennifer Treider (Bismarck ATCT, BIS)
Anthony Politz  (Champaign ATCT, CMI)

New England
Gregory Waitkus (Manchester ATCT, MHT)
Kurtis Fotheringham (Providence ATCT, PVD)

Northwest Mountain
Aaron Olmstead (Boise ATCT, BOI)
Justin Bialozor (Hillsboro ATCT, HIO)
Carter Tjemsland (Paine ATCT, PAE)

Jordan Cole (Augusta ATCT, AGS)
Richard Brown (Asheville ATCT, AVL) 
Oscar Ortiz (Central Florida TRACON, F11)
Fred Steele (Memphis Center, ZME)

Andrew Strunk (Dallas-Fort Worth TRACON, D10)

Western Pacific
Tiena Lee (Concord ATCT, CCR)
Conroy Sun (Grand Canyon ATCT, GCN)
Joseph Parampathu (Hawthorne, Calif. Federal Contract Tower, HHR)
Ronald Sonnenberg (Hayward ATCT, HWD)
Leroy Pace (Joshua Control Facility, JCF)
Bradley Reichert (Montgomery ATCT, MYF)
Johnny Albanez (Northern California TRACON, NCT)

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