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NATCA Thanks Chrissy Padgett for Her Time as National Safety Committee Chair and National Safety Representative

After two years as chairperson, National Safety Committee (NSC) Chair and National Safety Representative Chrissy Padgett (Washington Center, ZDC) is stepping down on Feb. 1, 2023, leaving a strong foundation for her successor, John Murdock (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL).

“It has been an honor over the past two years as the Chair of the NSC to see firsthand all of the work that each committee member puts in day in and day out to protect our membership and continue to make our National Airspace System (NAS) the safest in the world,” Padgett said.

As NSC Chair and National Safety Rep, Padgett played a critical role in successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping safety at the forefront. Padgett was instrumental in bringing back the Communicating for Safety (CFS) conference after a two-year hiatus. Padgett has served our Union in a number of roles over her 23-year career: She served as NATCA’s Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) Analyst for the Eastern Service Area’s Event Review Committee (ERC), and in 2019, was presented with the Steve Hansen Safety Advocate Award at CFS.

NATCA President Rich Santa expressed thanks to Padgett, “On behalf of NATCA and the National Executive Board, we thank Chrissy for her time and dedication to advancing our profession and the NAS. Her contributions have improved the working conditions of members across the country and increased the safety of NAS.”

“Chrissy is one of the hardest working people I know,” said Cher Oxenburg, who serves with Padgett on the CFS Planning Committee, the ATSAP Analyst Team, and the NSC. “She fully embraces any role she is given and is always willing to step up for NATCA. Her role as NATCA National Safety Rep was no different, and the NSC benefited greatly from her time as Chair of the committee.”

“While I will miss the NSC, I know it will be left in good hands as John Murdock steps in as the new Chair,” Padgett said. “His years of experiences representing members at the local and national levels will, no doubt, continue to move the NSC forward.”

John Murdock to Chair National Safety Committee

Procedures Article 114 Representative John Murdock has been a NATCA member since 2006 and brings a strong background in safety to his new position as NSC Chair and National Safety Representative. As a member of the National Airspace and Procedures Committee (NAPC) since August 2020, Murdock worked collaboratively with the Mission Support Services Policy (AJV-P), developing, implementing, amending, and interpreting air traffic policies and regulations. Murdock also works closely with other Article 114 and project representatives to assist them in developing and incorporating policies and procedures into the NAS.

Murdock has also served in the Coast Guard for 24 years and continues to serve as a Drilling Reservist. In 2020, he achieved the U.S. Coast Guard’s highest rank of Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate (E9). “I’m incredibly excited to step into the challenging role as NATCA’s National Safety Committee Chair and follow in the footsteps of a great NATCA advocate and leader,” Murdock said. “I’m thankful that Chrissy is on our team and for all her great work and advocacy. I will continue the strong commitment to safety and advocacy as the NSC Chair. Thank you, Chrissy, for what you’ve done and advocated for.”

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