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NATCA Members Manage Increased Traffic During Super Bowl Weekend

Every year, the Super Bowl requires expertise, collaboration, and coordination to handle the increased air traffic demand, but this year the Phoenix area facilities handled two major events in the same weekend!

Led by NATCA members Sean Davis (Southern California TRACON, SCT) and Jeff Plendl (Los Angeles Center, ZLA), the Super Bowl Planning Committee prepared not just for the Super Bowl, but also for the largest PGA Tour Party Event, the Waste Management Open, which happened on the same weekend in Phoenix. There were approximately 2,500-3,000 additional flights to and from the Phoenix-area. Davis and Plendl worked closely with NATCA Albuquerque Center (ZAB) members Dave Bricker and Aaron Picket, Phoenix TRACON (P50) FacRep Kalen Hanson, and Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) Operations Team member Brandon Smith (Atlanta Center, ZTL) along with many others.

Our NATCA Brothers and Sisters worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure this weekend’s travel flowed seamlessly.

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