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Communications Committee Meets In-Person at the National Office

The NATCA Communications Committee met in Washington, DC on Feb. 15-16. The committee members discussed plans for disseminating information about upcoming events, including NATCA in Washington and the 19th Biennial Convention.

The Communications Committee is composed of a representative from each NATCA region that works at the direction of their Regional Vice President (RVP) to develop and distribute news and information to Union members. The committee also includes a representative from Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV), Central Region RVP Aaron Merrick (Kansas City Center, ZKC) who serves as the NEB Liaison, and four NATCA staff members.  Read more about the Communications Committee here

PHOTOS: (left to right) Brittney Armbrust (NNM Rep, COS), Aaron Merrick (Committee RVP Liaison, ZKC), Robert Reddeg (NWP Rep, SCT), Bryan Martini (NCE Rep, SUX), Jennifer Malloy (NGL Rep, ZOB), Committee Vice Chair Mary Hall (NSW Rep, HOU), Committee Chair Shannon Lyman (NNE Rep, ZBW), Galen Munroe (NATCA Staff), Amy Sayers (NSO Rep, FLL), Jessica Reed (NATCA Staff), Meagan Roper (NATCA Staff), Thom Metzger (NATCA Staff), Lisen Minetti (NRX Rep, EAC), Tom Thompson (RNAV Rep), and Jaymi Steinberg (NEA Rep, ZDC).

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