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NATCA Members Lend Their Skills at the Sun ‘n Fun Air Expo

This year’s Sun ‘n Fun event was held from March 28 through April 2 in Lakeland, Fla. The weather was good all week which meant there was a higher-than-normal level of traffic. 31 NATCA members worked the event, staffing Lakeland ATCT, Lake Parker ATCT, and positions on the runways themselves. This is an extremely collaborative event, and without a high level of teamwork and collaboration, this event can’t happen.

Sun ‘n Fun Planning Committee Chair and DAB FacRep Michael Driscoll (Daytona Beach ATCT, DAB) said, “This is my favorite work week every year due to the family environment we’ve jointly fostered over the years.  If you’ve never worked Sun ‘n Fun, I encourage you to bid for it next year!”

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