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NATCA National Safety Committee Members Participate in Virtual Workshop for General Aviation Pilots

On March 22, 2023, the FAA hosted a virtual workshop for general aviation pilots titled “From the Flight Deck, GA Pilot Workshop Spring 2023.” The event covered many topics directly related to general aviation pilots. The workshop also discussed promoting safe operations and the tools available to pilots.

Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen kicked off the workshop that was attended by more than 600 pilots. Participating in the event for our Union were NATCA’s National Safety Committee Chair John Murdock (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL) and three committee members: Aaron Katz (Phoenix TRACON, P50), Bridget Singratanakul (Dallas-Fort Worth ATCT, DFW), and Mike Taylor (Columbus ATCT, CMH).

Our NATCA members presented best practices on avoiding runway incursion, the risk and mitigations to prevent landing or departing on wrong surfaces, human performance considerations, preparing for poor weather, and preflight preparations, to name a few. The workshop is one of a series of workshops collaboratively developed and presented to different stakeholders in the aviation industry.

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