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NATCA’s IT Committee Meets at National Office

In April, NATCA’s IT Committee (ITC) held a two-day meeting at our Union’s National Office. The ITC worked on important technology issues including NATCA’s member database, email security measures, managing email lists, our Union’s website, and ITC plans for Convention and CFS.

At the meeting were Committee Chair Jason Doss (Jacksonville Center, ZJX), committee RVP liaison Southwest Regional Vice President Nick Daniels (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), committee RVP liaison Aaron Merrick (Kansas City Center, ZKC), Joe Allen (Boston Center, ZBW), Ryan Durbin (Anchorage Center, ZAN), Matt Fritz (Andrews ATCT, ADW), Kristena Jones (Washington Center, ZDC), Jason Michaud (Boston TRACON, A90), Pamela Rusk (Engineer/Central Region, ECE), John Tornatore-Pili (San Francisco ATCT, SFO), David Towell (Cincinnati ATCT, CVG), and Gersan Urraca (DeKalb-Peachtree ATCT, PDK). Also participating in the meeting were NATCA staff members Matt Heer, Thom Metzger, Meagan Roper, Julian Weaver, and Phil Yanchulis.

The ITC provides assistance and leadership in IT matters for the organization.

You can learn more about the ITC and submit a request for help here.

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