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“Professionalism Creates a Safe & Efficient Workplace for All”: PS Training in Indianapolis

NATCA’s Professional Standards (PS) Committee hosted a three-day training in Indianapolis, March 21-24, for 18 members of our Union. PS Committee members Lydia Baune (Spokane ATCT, GEG), Patrick Carter (Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON, D10), and Christopher Keyes (Washington Center, ZDC) led the training, welcoming the new members to the team and thanking them for volunteering to serve NATCA in such an important way.

“Professional Standards training provides committee members with the essential tools to resolve issues in the workplace at the lowest level,” Chelsea Greenwell (Elmira ATCT, ELM) said. “The program upholds professionalism and by doing so creates a safe and efficient workplace for all.”

“The professional standard training was one of the best classes I have ever experienced while in the FAA,” Jessica Graham (Islip ATCT, ISP) said. “It was educational and inspiring. It not only gives you tools to make your work environment better for you and your coworkers, but also your personal life. I can’t wait to bring this positive program to my facility.”

The PS program helps to maintain, promote, and inspire professionalism of aviation safety professionals throughout the National Airspace System. The program uses peer-to-peer mediation, conflict resolution, and mentoring to achieve these goals. Members interested in learning more about the PS program should ask their local PS Committee member, visit www.natca.org/ps, or email [email protected]

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