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NiW Member Roll Call

Our NATCA Regional Vice Presidents and National Legislative Committee members are proud to announce their presence and willingness to represent their brothers & sisters during the NATCA in Washington 2023 roll call. Our Union has members from all nine geographic regions and Region X ready to talk with members of Congress and their staffs and advocate for the National Airspace System and those who operate it.

Trust and camaraderie are essential components to effective teamwork. The tradition of roll call for fighter pilots in the U.S. Air Force springs from the days of combat aviation, when maintaining visual contact with flight mates was essential to the mission. Through roll call, team members pledged that they were not only willing to fight together, but to sacrifice for each other if necessary. Roll call is a tradition meant to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood and create an atmosphere that breeds trust and friendship.

Read more about the 2023 NiW event here.

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