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ASI Committee Update

NATCA’s Air Safety Investigations (ASI) Committee has had a busy 2023, accompanying the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on six investigations.

The NATCA Air Safety Investigator’s primary task is to provide an objective controller-based perspective to NTSB investigations of aircraft accidents or incidents that involve air traffic control services. The NATCA ASI works as part of the team of investigators to determine the probable cause of an aircraft accident and formulate recommendations to prevent future occurrences.

“We would like to remind our membership that the NTSB should not show up unannounced,” ASI Committee Chair Karena Marinas said. “Always engage your FacRep before talking to the NTSB. FacReps should reach out to the ASI committee or your RVP/ARVP if you have any questions.”

There is an impending change to the ASI accident/incident checklist for NATCA’s Federal Contract Tower (FCT) members  Slate book bargaining unit employees (BUEs) are only required to give personnel statements for pilot deviations. However, flight standards may require FCT BUEs at facilities using surveillance-based air traffic control to give statements. Personnel statements are not required for aircraft accidents.

Learn more about the ASI committee, and find the accident/incident checklists, here.

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