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Congratulations to Our Newest FacReps!

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities:

Craig De Vries (Des Moines ATCT, DSM)

Yvonne Adesanya (Patrick Henry ATCT, PHF)
Vladimir Vallejo (Westchester ATCT, HPN)

Great Lakes
Daren Snyder (Rapid City FCT, RAP)
Renee Spencer (Fort Wayne ATCT, FWA)
Brian Gustitus (Flint ATCT, FNT) 
Tanner Hobgood (Evansville ATCT, EVV)

New England
Jeffrey Carpentier (Manchester ATCT, MHT)

Northwest Mountain
Alan Zelez (Seattle TRACON, S46)
Aaron Greenwood (Salt Lake City ATCT, SLC)

Michael Turner (Orlando Executive ATCT, ORL)
Jose Aponte (San Juan Center, ZSU)          

Vincent DePiazza (McKinney FCT, TKI)
Jillian Surey (Baton Rouge ATCT, BTR)

Western Pacific
Ashley Magee (North Las Vegas ATCT, VGT)

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