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Members Lead International Aviation Outreach & Education at Oshkosh AirVenture

Each summer NATCA members join the more than 650,000 aviation enthusiasts from around the world at Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis. (#OSH23).  This 61-year-old premiere aviation event features aircraft demonstrations, aviation education presentations, and outreach to a huge international audience for a full week. NATCA members are representing aviation safety professions again at Oshkosh, presenting educational programs, pilot briefings, and workshops to the general aviation (GA) community at NATCA’s booth and on EAA’s main stages.

NATCA members are also staffing the KidVenture area, an exhibit designed to get youth excited about aviation. NATCA members teach children about the phonetic alphabet, basic airport facts, and air traffic control concepts. On top of the stage, booth, and educational presentations, NATCA members participated in live EAA Radio interviews, expanding outreach across the world about GA trends and sharing air traffic control knowledge.

Check out the events — live! — this week in our AirVenture 2023 photo album for a look into the education, relationships, and activities our NATCA member volunteers are leading this week.

NATCA’s 2023 Oshkosh volunteers are:

Aaron Katz (Phoenix TRACON, P50)
Carlton Wickstrom (Phoenix TRACON, P50)
Corey Soignet (Houston Intercontinental ATCT, IAH)
Ed Szczuka (Engineer/Central Region, ECE)
Eric Avila (Houston Center, ZHU)
Jacob Elmer (Lexington ATCT, LEX)
Jared Gregg (Southern California TRACON, SCT)
Jeff Litwin (Oakland Center, ZOA)
Jesse Strickland (Houston Center, ZHU)
John Goebel (Northern California TRACON, NCT)
John Murdock (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL)
Joseph Dringo (Chicago TRACON, A90)
Josh Haviland (Seattle TRACON, S46)
Justin  Whetstone (Detroit TRACON, D21)
Karoline Gorman (New York Center, ZNY)
Marcus Miller (Houston Center, ZHU)
Matthew Hull (Palm Beach ATCT/TRACON, PBI)
Matt Trimble (Columbia ATCT, CAE)
Nicholas Roth (John Wayne ATCT, SNA)
Paul Behan (Jacksonville Center, ZJX)
Paul Konosky (Peachtree Dekalb ATCT, PDK)
Richard Kennington (Portland ATCT, PDX)
Scott Hughes (Albuquerque Center, ZAB)
Sean Smith (Albuquerque Center, ZAB)
Tara Zeck (Houston D.W. Hooks ATCT, DWH)
Wendy Smith (Albuquerque ATCT, ABQ)
NATCA Deputy Director of Public Affairs Kelly Richardson

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