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Washington-area Members Share Local Issues with Congresswoman McClellan

Potomac TRACON (PCT) member Brian Schmelzel and Washington National ATCT (DCA) member Aubrey Farrar attended an event with U.S. Representatives Jennifer McClellan (Va.-4) and Katherine Clark (Mass.-5) in June. The event was the first NATCA members have attended with Congresswoman McClellan. 

“We got to spend quite a bit of time talking with Congresswoman McClellan, as well as multiple staff from her office,” Schmelzel said. “She had recently toured Richmond ATCT (RIC) and said it was a great visit. She also shared that her family owned an aircraft previously at a small airport serviced by PCT.”

Schmelzel and Farrar discussed operations and issues at their respective facilities, as well as other airports within McClellan’s district, especially focusing on controller staffing and funding.

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