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Help NATCA Better Communicate How Six-day Workweeks & Mandatory Overtime Affect Our Members

NATCA continues to work with members of Congress to make sure that the FAA is hiring and training enough controllers to ensure that our National Airspace System remains the safest and most efficient in the world.

We all know that U.S. air traffic controllers are stretched thin, with many working six-day workweeks and mandatory overtime. These schedules affect our quality of life and our physical and mental health – and we need your stories to help educate Congress and the aviation community.

People understand that working such hours every week is a lot, but explaining the real long-term consequences will help personalize the issue for our Union’s advocacy efforts. So that we can better communicate how the six-day workweeks and mandatory overtime is affecting NATCA’s members, please fill out the following web form and tell us how you and your family are being affected. We will share some of these stories in our communications, while meeting with members of Congress, and in media outreach.

The web form can be accessed here.

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