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NSTLC Meets at NATCA National Office

The NATCA Safety and Technology Leadership Council (NSTLC) met in the National Office on July 19-20. The meeting focused on the NSTLC’s priority list and multiple briefings from Article 114 reps on various technology programs. The NSTLC serves as the union’s focal point and, when needed, will take action to address safety issues, procedural changes, technology development and implementation, airspace modernization and all associated training needs.

Participating in this meeting were:

Aaron Merrick, Regional Vice President (RVP) for the Central Region (NCE)
Adam Rhodes, National NextGen Article 114 Representative
Andrew LeBovidge – Executive Vice President
Clint Lancaster, Regional Vice President (RVP) for the Alaskan Region (NAL)
Dan Hamilton, National Program Management Office (PMO) Article 114 Representative
Jamaal Haltom, National Strategy Article 114 Representative
John Murdock, National Safety Article 114 Representative, NSTLC Chair
Josh Haviland, National Airspace Article 114 Representative
Mark Mckelligan, Deputy Director of Safety and Technology
Mark Ostronic, National Strategy Article 114 Representative
Scott Fineron, National Procedures Article 114 Representative
Tom Adcock, Director of Safety and Technology, NSTLC Co-Chair

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