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Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day when we celebrate the contributions of workers across the nation. We stand proudly with our union sisters and brothers who are coming together and organizing to make our lives and livelihoods better, across the country.

Labor Day is a reminder that the strength of our nation lies in its working people. Today we recognize the strides that unions have made over the years in protecting and expanding the rights of workers. In the first six months of 2023, the National Labor Relations Board saw a 69 percent increase in the number of petitions filed by workers to exercise the freedom to join a union.

While we celebrate these achievements, we also acknowledge that the challenges facing all working people are far from over. The struggles for fair wages, safe working environments, and the right to organize are ongoing battles that require our continued collective dedication.

This Labor Day we know that together, we can overcome any obstacle. Here’s to all the workers who keep America running. Your dedication is the foundation of our great nation, and we’re honored to be alongside you in this fight. Happy Labor Day! 

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