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Congratulations to Our Newest FacReps!

The NATCA Onboarding Committee welcomes and thanks all new NATCA leaders who have recently taken office for their terms as FacReps at their local facilities:

Great Lakes
Rick Cotrell (Dayton ATCT, DAY)
Christopher Schletty (St. Paul ATCT, STP)
Kolby Clark (Flying Cloud ATCT, FCM)

Northwest Mountain
Cody Baker (Billings ATCT, BIL)

Jonathan Walker (Columbus ATCT, CSG)
Hannah Steele (Savannah ATCT, SAV)
Kelsey Barfield (Birmingham ATCT, BHM)

Daniel Johnson (Midland ATCT, MAF)
George Waldrop (Wiley Post FCT, PWA) 
Kenrock Verret (Houma FCT, HUM)
Kenneth Rodal (Austin ATCT, AUS)

Western Pacific
Hector Perez (Bakersfield ATCT, BFL)
Preston Lewellen (Livermore ATCT, LVK)

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