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U.S. Rep. Mike Collins Visits Atlanta TRACON

U.S. Rep. Mike Collins (Ga.,10th) visited Atlanta TRACON (A80) on June 28 for a tour facilitated by A80 Legislative Rep. Jefferson Bishop, accompanied by his District Manager Greg Ziesenhene and other members of his staff.

The tour included a briefing about basic information about A80, including airspace, operations, and staffing levels.

“The conversation was primarily dominated by staffing and modernization,” Bishop said. “The congressman was surprised by how much airspace was involved with our operation and the number of operations it incurs on a daily basis.”

In conjunction with the briefing, Bishop took Rep. Collins and his staff on a tour of the TRACON.  “Upon entering the room, his eyes lit up and he said, ‘This is awesome’. We took him to the approach wall and got them all plugged in with controllers working traffic. The congressman monitored a final controller and was completely impressed and engaged with what was going on.”

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Pictured, left to right: Jefferson Bishop (A80), Rep. Collins (Ga.,10th), A80 FacRep Chris Philips

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