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CFS Keynote: Amy D. Grubb, Ph.D., Founder, Organizational Insights, and FBI Psychologist

Today at #NATCACFS 2023 Amy D. Grubb, Ph.D., addressed attendees about leadership, organizational culture, and change management. With over 20 years of experience, including serving in various C-level functions and currently as the Digital Transformation Advisor to the Chief Information Officer at the FBI, Dr. Grubb brings a wealth of expertise in enhancing organizational performance and safety. Her extensive background in advising C-suite leaders, conducting executive coaching, and implementing innovative HR systems positions her as a valuable speaker for aviation safety professionals seeking insights into risk management and leadership. Dr. Grubb’s accomplishments, including two FBI Director’s Awards for Excellence and her role as Chair of the Bombardier Safety Standdown Advisory Council, underscore her dedication to safety and leadership excellence.

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