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National Validation Team Meets at National Office

The members of the National Validation Team (NVT) met at the NATCA National Office in Washington on Sept 13. The collaborative work group conducted facility pay level adjustment reviews and carried out normal business related to nationwide traffic counting.

In attendance were: Corey Grafe (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL), Mike Weekley (Columbus ATCT, CMH), John Tornatore-Pili (San Francisco ATCT, SFO), Brody McCray (Washington Center, ZDC), Matthew Scala (Denver TRACON, D01), Gilbert Geer (Joshua Control Facility, JCF), Jon Bouhebent (Denver Center, ZDV), James Walsh (Raleigh Durham ATCT, RDU), Jack Greene (Miami Center, ZMA).

Learn more about the National Validation Team here.

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