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Listen to Central Region’s 2023 Archie League Award Recipients on the NATCA Podcast

In this episode of the NATCA Podcast, Communications Committee Central Region Rep. Bryan Martini (Sioux Gateway ATCT, SUX) interviews 2023 Archie League Medal of Safety Award Winners John “Casey” Hovis (St. Louis TRACON, T75; formerly at MCI), Tyler Wilke (Kansas City International ATCT, MCI), and Matt Williams (MCI). Daniel Clifton (MCI) was also honored with an Archie League Medal of Safety Award for this event, but he was not available to be interviewed for the podcast. 

Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts, or by clicking here.

The nomination form for the 20th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards is open through April 30, 2024. NATCA members can nominate their peers here.

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