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You Are a Union Leader: Training NATCA Leaders for Excellence

NATCA representatives from across the nation convened in Warrenton, Va., last month for the Leadership Experience Acceleration Project (LEAP). LEAP represents a commitment by NATCA to enhance our members’ skills and invest in our Union’s progress into the future. LEAP molds leaders who will spearhead NATCA’s forward momentum. 

Collaborating with primary instructor Scott Airitam from Leadership Systems were NATCA educators Southern Alternate Regional Vice President Dan McCabe, Vice President of Engineers Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Mark Rausch, and Critical Incident Stress Management Committee Head Sarah Grampp (Kansas City Center, ZKC). Providing guidance for the program were Northwest Mountain RVP Alex Navarro III and Southern RVP Jim Marinitti.

“Watching these dedicated and gifted union leaders unite and hone their expertise is always inspiring,” Grampp said. “Their collective drive ensures our Union’s continuous growth and excellence in our field.”

Since its launch in 2007, more than 400 NATCA members have graduated from the LEAP class.

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