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Finding Calm in the Holiday Chaos: CISM is Here for You

As the holiday season is upon us, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) National Team Lead Sarah Grampp highlights the importance of acknowledging and addressing the stress that often accompanies this time of year.

“The holidays don’t halt work pressures, and it’s crucial to recognize the support available,” Grampp said. “Do not hesitate to use the valuable resources available to you when you need them.”

The Employee Assistance Program and Worklife Solutions, alongside the CISM Team, provide essential support for those grappling with work-related stress or traumatic events. Offering confidential group and individual sessions, the CISM Team helps individuals understand and cope with stress reactions.

The CISM team is available 24/7, even during the holidays, providing support to NATCA members in need. Grampp offered a gentle reminder: “Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough,” underscoring the importance of self-care during these busy times.

Learn more and find contact information for CISM representatives here.

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