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Committee for NATCA’s 2025 Convention in San Francisco Holds First Planning Meeting

Western Pacific Regional Vice President (NWP RVP) Joel Ortiz and Planning Committee Chair Charles Howell recently convened the first meeting for the planning committee for NATCA’s 2025 Convention that will take place in San Francisco in May of 2025. The group spent two days discussing the budget, reviewing lists of tasks that need to be accomplished, establishing deadlines for that work, and scheduling planning meetings for the next 18 months.

Regarding the effort, NWP RVP Joel Ortiz stated, “NATCA has a great committee working to plan NATCA’s next Convention. The members of NATCA’s Western Pacific Region look forward to welcoming our Union’s delegates to San Francisco in May 2025. We will share more information in coming months when we announce registration for the event. I already am confident that this event will end up being one of NATCA’s best, most memorable conventions.”

Participants in this meeting (left to right in the photo) included Chris Martinez (Myrtle Beach ATCT, MYR), Andrew LeBovidge (NATCA EVP), Jen Rivera (Indianapolis Center, ZID), Mindy Soranno (NATCA Meeting Planning and Events Representative), Kelly Richardson (former NATCA Deputy Director for Public Affairs), Charles Howell (Oakland Center, ZOA), Corrie Conrad (Portland ATCT, PDX), Miguel Lluch (San Francisco ATCT, SFO), Joel Ortiz (NWP RVP), Amanda Richardson (Oakland Center, ZOA), Jamie Lee Nuss (San Francisco Tower, SFO), Kristin Simms (Oakland ATCT, OAK), Amy Sayers (Fort Lauderdale ATCT, FLL), and Thom Metzger (NATCA Director of Public Affairs).

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